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Annual Robinson Roping to Benefit American Diabetes Association

Annual Robinson Roping to Benefit American Diabetes Association

Our team hosted our first annual Robinson Roping in September to benefit the American Diabetes Association and raised close to $10,000! It was a fun event–we can’t wait to repeat it next year and make it bigger and better!

Giving Back

Giving Back

Below is a daily journal entry from Ryan Voight, the Director of Operations for Operation Hope. Below he describes a day spent in Haiti with Dr. Robinson, her family, and the rest of the Operation Hope team.

We headed to the church in Saint Marc first and Dr. Robinson spoke to about 75 people and then spent a considerable about of time taking questions and giving some fantastic answers to all of them. At first it didn’t really seem like the people were all that interested, but they really let the questions fly once they were given the opportunity.

After Saint Marc, we headed to Lumiere School and had similar success with 85 or 90 people. Most of the people there really seemed to appreciate the class and the opportunity to learn more about how to take care of their teeth. Sometimes the successes we achieve in Haiti are farther under the surface and harder to notice initially, but this was one of those times when we really got to see a positive impact right off the bat.

From there we headed to Pastor Cesar’s for one of the best meals I’ve had in Haiti so far and then enjoyed on of Pastor Cesar’s world famous fruit smoothies. For the third time, I tried to get the recipe from him, but he wouldn’t budge.

After lunch, we went back to the church in Saint Marc so Dr. Robinson could examine the people that Pastor Cesar gathered up. I told him beforehand that we only had enough equipment and time to see 20 people and that’s exactly how many people he invited to come. It turns out that some of them didn’t show up, but we had a few extras like Dago and his boys so we ended up with a total of 21 exams. During the exams, Dr. Robinson identified 4 people who needed cleaning and one extraction so she took care of those with way more assistants than she probably needed.

From what I understand, American dentists have always been difficult to get to Haiti so it was obvious that everyone was thrilled to have someone there to help. I’m thrilled to have been able to bring the Robinsons with us and I’m excited to see all of the great things that will come from this new opportunity and new connections.

Doc will be bringing the message tomorrow at the church at Bois Neuf and then we’ll have a couple more classes – 1 right after church and another after the Sunday night prayer service. In between, Dr. Robinson will be handling a few more exams and maybe another extraction or two. Looking forward to a good night’s sleep tonight and a successful day tomorrow.